Clear Bond Adhesive - 5 ml
Clear Bond Adhesive - 5 ml

Clear Bond Adhesive - 5 ml

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If you haven't tried clear adhesive... you don't know what you're missing!

Clear adhesive is helpful for clients who are sensitive since many allergies to lash adhesive is due to the carbon black pigment. Eliminating potential allergens from your lash services is great but it gets better - Clear Bond Adhesive "grabs on" in a way that traditional black adhesive doesn't. That sliding around on the natural lash that ruins your fan doesn't happen with a glue that grabs on right away. The adhesive holds the shape of your fan while allowing a little extra time to adjust placement or symmetry. It's the best of both worlds - the instant "grab" of a fast drying glue and the extra time of a slow drying glue to adjust placement.

Comes with pin to unclog nozzle should it become blocked.

5ml bottle

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Poly(Methacrylate), Hydroquinone

MSDS sheet available on request


  • Retention - up to 8 weeks
  • Ideal humidity range: 37 - 65%
  • Ideal temperature range:
    • 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit - 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 18 degrees Celcius - 22 degrees Celcius
  • Viscosity: medium - thicker than Bae adhesive
  • Dry time: 1 - 2 seconds
  • Low fumes
  • Shelf life: 3 months unopened
  • Shelf life: 4 - 6 weeks opened
  • Do not refrigerate or freeze

Recommended Use: 

Classic, Volume, Hybrid and Mega Volume. It is especially helpful for Mega Volume and Volume. This adhesive "grabs on" faster than glues with the carbon black pigment. This is helpful for those who have shaky hands or struggle with placement. This adhesive is suitable for all levels of lashing skill.


Keep nozzle clean by wiping carefully after each time you dispense a drop. This adhesive is very strong and can dry shut if any glue is left on the nozzle.

Always store tightly closed adhesive upright, in a dark, dry place away from sunlight. It's helpful to store in a air tight container with silica packs or uncooked rice to draw away humidity. You must take care to shake your adhesive vigorously (preferably by machine) for 2-3 minutes at the beginning of your work day. Ingredients must be adequately mixed for the adhesive to perform correctly. Shake your adhesive for 10 seconds every time you dispense a new drop and be sure to dispense a new drop of adhesive every 10-20 minutes. Temperature and humidity will dictate how often to dispense a new drop. If adhesive is becoming stringy or thick, dispense a new drop even if it isn't time to do so

Your environment is another factor that must be controlled in order to enjoy a well behaved adhesive. Keep track of your humidity and temperature using a Hygrometer. You may need humidifiers or dehumidifiers to keep your lash station at within the desired humidity range. Ensure all doors are closed if you are having trouble keeping humidity levels up.

Trouble Shooting

Q. Glue is taking too long to dry??

A. Raise your humidity levels. Add more humidifiers - warm water humidifiers work best. You may need to turn on your humidifiers an hour before your first appointment to allow for time to reach the correct humidity level. You may also try swiping your lash strip once with Renu Contact Solution to add a bit of moisture. Do not oversaturate.

Q. Glue is drying way too fast!! It's dry before I get to the lash!

A. Lower your humidity. Try dispensing a new drop of adhesive onto your glue tray or jade stone more often. If you are new to lashing this adhesive may be too fast drying for right now.

Q. Glue is sticky, stringy or goopy.

A. Your glue has spoiled because of exposure to higher temperatures, sunlight, moisture, or it needs to be switched out for a new one because it has been open for over 4 weeks.

Q. Glue is separated, I can see it looks watery on top!

A. Your glue either needs to be shaken or it has spoiled due to exposure to high temperatures, moisture or it has been open for over 4 weeks.

Q. I have retention issues! Is it the glue!?

A. If your environment is controlled, humidity and temperature levels are in the correct range, glue is shaken for 2-3 minutes, glue drops refreshed every 10-20 minutes, your client's arrive with clean lashes etc, we still cannot always pinpoint the problem easily. It may be that the glue has spoiled - look for signs such as separation, stringiness, goopiness, or look at whether it's been open longer than 4 weeks. Sunlight streaming into your lash room can raise the temperature quite a bit and cause glue to spoil.

It may also be that the glue is drying too fast for your current speed. If the glue is already partially dry when attempting to place the lash, retention will not be good. Lashes must be placed quickly to ensure a strong bond.

Inquire about your client's products used on her face and eyelids. Creamy or oily products, makeup, remover, etc can cause poor retention. Excessive rubbing, picking and crying can all affect retention as well. Not washing lashes and wearing eye makeup are other factors decreasing retention. Be sure to educate your clients on good habits including washing their lashes often with cleanser and soft brush. 





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