Refresher Lash Courses
Refresher Lash Courses

Refresher Lash Courses

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Do you need some one on one help to fill in the spots that your previous courses missed? This half day course is tailored to your specific needs. Sometimes we have most of the knowledge but need a little guidance to help it all come together. 

Previous lash training is required for this course.

Purchase and then email to set your date. 

Possible subjects to be covered include: all fan making techniques, controlling your adhesive, running your business profitably, growing your clientele, what it means to be fully booked and how to get there, the science behind adhesive and retention, minimizing stress and wear on your body, pricing strategy, advertising, photography, instagram, search engine optimization, maximizing your earning potential, work life balance, how to lash faster, back up solutions for when everything is going wrong and more.

Kit worth over $200 Canadian, tailored to your needs is included:

  • 4 lash trays
  • isolation and 2 pick up tweezers
  • adhesive
  • Microfoam Eyepad Tape
  • Nexcare Sensitive Tape
  • Saline solution
  • doe foot lint free applicators
  • mascara wands

This course does not require a model.

Course is 4 hours in duration.