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Eyepad Microfoam Tape
Eyepad Microfoam Tape
Eyepad Microfoam Tape

Eyepad Microfoam Tape

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Try this form of eyepad and you’ll never go back. This tape is the most comfortable, user friendly, cost effective version of an eyepad. Approximately 200 eyepads may be made with one roll. That's about $0.20 per pair of eyepads. Curve can be customized for every eye shape.

Traditional eyepads may cause reactions in some clients and bruising of the whites of the eyes with its sharp edges. This Microfoam tape is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, gentle and best of all - it stays put! No sliding around and it is easy to remove. For those who map out their lashes - this material is easy to write on. This soft foam tape provides excellent protection for your tweezers while providing the highest level of comfort for your client. Clients forget it’s there! Tape can be placed above the water line, creating a seal for your client’s comfort - especially sensitive clients. Less adhesive fumes are able to enter the eye while bruising of the whites of the eye is limited.

Tape may be used to manipulate the upper eyelid as well.

Use the Sharp Scissors Bae (also found under Tools) to cut the perfect curve.

For videos on how to apply the tape and how to prepare the tape view my Lashing Tips highlight on my Instagram page

Tape is removed easily. For especially dry clients it may be detacked once on the back of a sanitized hand.

In warm weather the tape sticks especially well so you may use a dampened doe foot applicator to roll between the skin and the tape to gently remove.


Width 5cm, Length 5m

Width 2”, Length 5.47 Yards

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