Lashes Before All Else

As a lash tech, you have a lot to keep track of. You need tools that do the heavy lifting for you. Tools that perform consistently let you relax and enjoy the art of lashmaking.



Girl I gotta say!! I f-ing love my tweezers!!!! All 6 of them

After 4 years of lashing u f-ing saved my life from all the sore wrist and muscles 😩😩😩

I loooove you♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Can’t wait for the my 7th tweezer 💗😩😭🤗

Sara, @eurolash.ygk

K for serious! These Mega Bae Mini Tweezers are the BEST I've ever tried! Mega fan practice - no funky tails, no dropped lashes, perfect pick up and precise hand/tweezer manipulation to open up the fans PERFECTLY after dipping in the adhesive! @lash.bae - you nailed it with these! I'll be ordering more pairs!

If you're struggling with Mega - these tweezers will change your lashing life! #NoJoke #NotEndorsed #LessWastedProduct #NextLevelLashingComingUp

Brigitte, @lashesbybrigitte

These mega bae curved tweezers are fricken bomb!

Chane, @getlashedyxe

Honestly though amazing work with the tweezers like you killed it with the design and functionality!

Bambi, @winknblinklashes