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Troubleshooting Lash Adhesive!

Do you know what this bad boy is!? It’s a hygrometer. It measures humidity and temperature and it’s what your peers are using to make more money. Do you use a hygrometer?

Are you a slave to the whims of your adhesive? Say goodbye to that toxic relationship and take control! Your glue has a specific humidity and temperature range that it is made for. Look up the range with the brand and then match your studio to the recommended range.

The cyanoacrylate in your lash glue needs water to cure. The curing time and therefore, your service times, quality of your fans, ability to avoid stickies, level of isolation and direction in styling will suffer if your dry times are too slow.

Enjoy better retention, faster service times, better quality of your work and overall lower stress levels at work by keeping your studio within the suggested range for your glue.

Glue drying too slow? Raise the humidity - use glue aid on your lash strips, turn up your humidifier, open windows if it’s humid outside. Consider working in the basement (if available) if low humidity is a chronic issue. If you're struggling to keep a space humid, be conscious of closing windows and doors to trap the moisture and get a BIG humidifier that is meant for bigger spaces.

Glue drying too fast? Lower your humidity - turn down or turn off your humidifier, open windows to let humidity out if it’s dryer outside. Turn on a dehumdifier if needed. Turn on the heat as the furnace heat dries out the air a bit.

Temperature is too high? Turn up air conditioner, close window coverings, change your glue dot more often.

Temperature too cold? Consider not working in a basement, use a space heater or turn up the heat

If all fails and you need instant humidity, saturate a cotton round with water and place on your client’s cheeks. It's not the best solution but it helps in a pinch. Glue aid also helps!

Tip: It may take 1 to 2 hours for your room to reach the desired humidity. You may have to show up early to start humidifiers, open windows etc. Remember, furnace heat will dry out your humidity and working in basements means it’s naturally cooler and more humid

Don’t hesitate to purchase a humidifier / dehumidifier or heater / air conditioner. I have some on my amazon page:

ALL glues will behave badly above 25 Celcius / 77 Fahrenheit and below 18 Celicus / 64.4 Fahrenheit. Find accurate and dependable hygrometers on !⁣

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