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Lash Cleansing Brush - Set of 3
Lash Cleansing Brush - Set of 3
Lash Cleansing Brush - Set of 3

Lash Cleansing Brush - Set of 3

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Set of 3 - Great for retail or as a gift! 

Suggested retail price is 9.99 indidually.

Make your life easier and use this soft, fluffy lash brush to cleanse lashes. Send clients home with a brush to instill good lash hygiene habits and improve retention. Tired of wasting time, product and effort filling dirty lashes? Have some clients who can't do a deep clean because they don't have the tools? This brush is the solution. Bristles are soft enough to allow moderate pressure while cleaning.

Use with lash cleanser to cleanse eyelid and lashes. Brush downward to get between lashes and see lashes return to maximum fluffy levels. Itchiness and build up of dirt is eliminated with regular use. 

I send each client home with a brush and cleanser at their first visit. Fill times have decreased and retention has improved! For new sets, if there's evidence of anything on their lashes I use one of these brushes to perform a lash bath on them and I can have a clear conscience that everything was done to ensure a good bond.