EASY FAN Velvet Mink Lashes - Single Length Trays
EASY FAN Velvet Mink Lashes - Single Length Trays

EASY FAN Velvet Mink Lashes - Single Length Trays

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Easy Fan lashes are great for those newer to Volume and Mega Volume! Getting used to working with thinner lashes or perfecting a new technique of fan making takes time. Increase your revenue by offering Volume and Mega Volume Lash services and bridge the gap between your skills and where you want them to be with Easy Fan lashes. 

These lashes are engineered to out easily with minimal extra weight. Your bases will be tiny and pointy! 

These are foil backed strips for easy removal! Say goodbye to paper residue!


To ensure a pointy base, be sure to pick up 15D and under for 0.03 and 10D and under for 0.05. This is considered a "safe" weight anyhow since 15D of regular 0.03 lashes or 10D of 0.05 lashes is equivalent to a classic lash. 

When picking up your fan, angle your tweezer at 90 degrees to your tile and with a quick motion pull towards you. This will help to ensure that your base is pointy and small!

Have you been looking for a high quality Easy Fan Mega Volume alternative? This is it. These lashes fan like butter, spread smoothly and keep their curl.

Create gorgeous Volume or Mega Volume sets with these Easy Fan Velvet Mink lashes. Either 0.03 or 0.05 lashes can be used for Mega Volume application. Choose 0.05 for a more structured look and 0.03 for a more feathery and dense look. The strip is easy to work with allowing you the chance to relax and enjoy the artistry of lashmaking.

These trays have a 2mm (thin) Foil Strip!

  • Each tray contains 12 lines
  • Deep black finish
  • Slightly matte finish
  • No blue tinge
  • Lasting curl
  • 0.03 is available in CC and D curl and lengths 8-18mm
  • 0.05 is available in C and D curl and lengths 8-16mm

Velvet Mink lashes are a deep black, velvety finish. It's the perfect mix between matte and glossy.

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