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Adhesive Mixer
Adhesive Mixer

Adhesive Mixer

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Your adhesive can make or break your day. Is it in a mood today? Will retention be good this time? Will the glue close up your fans today?


Now comes with a fan attachment to fan dry your clients!

Don't leave your adhesive up to chance! Give your clients the best chance at good retention by taking care of your glue! Shake your adhesive by machine for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at the start of your day and see your adhesive start to behave itself! Adhesive may separate, close up fans, dry too fast or too slow when it is not mixed thoroughly. 

The ingredients in your adhesive must be completely mixed for them to behave correctly. Shaking your adhesive by machine helps eliminate a factor that you do not want to leave up to chance. Your environment (temperature and humidity) must also be controlled to match the adhesive you have chosen. Please see your adhesive brand's website to confirm the numbers you need to hit.

Remember to shake your glue bottle by hand for 10 seconds before dispensing a new drop (every 10-20 mins depending on your adhesive and environment).

Comes with:

  • an array of collars for various adhesive sizes
  • a fan attachment to fan dry your clients
  • cute storage bag

Runs on 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

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