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Primer Bae
Primer Bae

Primer Bae

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The best primer is a lash bath but sometimes you just don't have time for that, hunny! *snaps fingers and bobbles head*

That's when a primer comes in handy. 

Maybe she's done the lash bath herself but has been slacking on the daily cleansing and she has some buildup (dead skin, skin oils, makeup, eye boogers). Use this primer to cut through the bs and get to the good part - filling her to the fullest!

Other times, it's a client who loves her creamy eye liners and mascara. This primer is for that client who needs something a little stronger. 

Then there's that client who is just a little oilier than everyone else. Use this primer to strip the oils and prep the surface!

Last but not least, there's that one unicorn who has the strongest, thickest lash hairs that you should in theory have a jolly good time lashing. BUT the surface is not porous at all and your glue just cant grip her - the lash slides around and you're holding onto it forever. Use this primer to open up the follicle and get those babies sticking quicker!

Keep a primer on hand and ensure you've done everything possible to give your clients awesome retention.


Once eyepads are applied, apply a few drops of primer to a lint free applicator or microswab. Dab off the excess. Gently rub the base of the lashes and lash extension base with the saturated tip. Be careful to keep primer out of eyes. Repeat with a new lint free applicator or microswab if needed.