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Tweezer Cleaner

Tweezer Cleaner

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Add this little bottle of magic to your cart and watch your tweezers behave better than ever! Tiny bits of adhesive can get stuck to the inner surface of your tweezers. This may happen when your adhesive wicks up the lash. You may see it happen but many times you may not notice it and will wonder why the tweezers are no longer working the way they used to. 

Soaking your adhesive in the cleaning solution after a client is not enough to remove the dried adhesive. A quick swipe with a nail file or sandpaper can work in a pinch but tiny bits of your tweezer will be sanded off with it! Over time, this will cause your tweezer to wear out and the grip will change. Think of how a sharpened knife eventually changes shape. 

Please note: This is not for disinfecting or sanitizing your tweezers. It is meant to remove dried on adhesive so that your tweezers grip properly. Please check your city requirements for sanitizing or disinfecting your tweezers.


Dip tweezer in and submerge tips. Squeeze sponge between tips and then remove tweezer. Wipe with paper towel or adhesive wipes to remove dissolved adhesive and liquid cleaner. Rinse if liquid cleaner remains. For larger amounts of dried adhesive, leave the tweezer soaking for a minute or two before removing and wiping with textured paper towel or adhesive wipes. It is recommended to close bottle after use to prevent premature evaporation.