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90 Degree - Save My Wrist Tweezers
90 Degree - Save My Wrist Tweezers
90 Degree - Save My Wrist Tweezers
90 Degree - Save My Wrist Tweezers

90 Degree - Save My Wrist Tweezers

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This Tweezer Bae is meant to help keep your wrist neutral. She can do Mega Volume, Russian Volume, Hybrid and Classic lashes. The angle of this tweezer is ideal for preventing wrist fatigue while crafting your fans and for placement on the natural lash.

Her sweet spot is marked for your convenience. The marking will fade and dissolve once you have soaked your Tweezer Bae in disinfectant.

Recommended Use:

This tweezer is meant for all lash styles. She will work for Mega Volume 2-15D, 0.03mm, Russian Volume 2-8D, 0.05mm - 0.10mm and Classic or Hybrid lashes.

Recommended Fan Making Methods:

  • Shimmy / Flower Bouquet

  • Lonely fan

  • Fan and Grab

  • Pinching

For visuals of various methods of fan making please view my Tweezer Highlight on


  • Brushed satin metal finish for silver and coated blue for blue
  • Medium tension
  • Comes with built in ruler to measure client lashes
  • Perfect Grip
  • Hand tested and Sweet Spot marked by Lash Bae

Please note that these tweezers are meant to be disinfected by soaking in solutions such as Barbicide, Pre Empt, Cavicide etc. They may not withstand extreme heat as found in sterilizing equipment. Please check your State or country requirements for cleaning lash tools. In Canada we are required to wash debris off with soap and water and then soak in disinfecting solution for the required time as noted on the bottle. Then we rinse and dry. 

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