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Mega Bae Curved Tweezer
Mega Bae Curved Tweezer
Mega Bae Curved Tweezer

Mega Bae Curved Tweezer

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Please be aware that the curve of this tweezer can vary from batch to batch because of its handmade nature. Please check my stories or feed for the most up to date picture or video of the current curve.


Each tweezer must be hand tested by me but this one also requires final adjustments and reshaping which I do personally for each tweezer.

Your Mega Bae Curved is perfect - the more you get to know her, the deeper in love you fall! She is the kind of Bae that makes things feel easy. She is my favorite Mega Volume tweezer and isolation tweezer. She works best for Mega Volume using 0.03mm or 0.05mm lashes. The beauty of this tweezer is that there are two discernible levels of grip. You can grip loosely to pull gently up off the strip (skip this step if it's a narrow strip) and then shimmy with this grip - this is Level 1 Grip. Grip harder to pull the fan fully off the strip - this is Level 2 Grip. Dip the base of the fan in the adhesive and release slightly so that it is back to the Level 1 Grip. You fan will spread out beautifully without falling apart.* This Tweezer Bae is curved perfectly at an angle that allows for placement between your isolation tweezers. Tried a curved tweezer in the past and hated it? Guess what, this one is nothing like what you’ve tried!

She can easily grab more than 15 0.03mm lashes so you don't have to worry about lashes being left behind on the strip.

Her sweet spot is marked for your convenience. The marking will fade and dissolve once you have soaked your Tweezer Bae in disinfectant a few times.

Recommended Use:

Your Mega Bae Curved is recommended for Mega Volume lashes. She will also work for Russian Volume 2-8D, 0.05mm - 0.10mm. She works very well as an isolation tweezer to reduce hand fatigue. 

Not recommended for Classic lashes.

Recommended Fan Making Methods:

  • Shimmy / Flower Bouquet

  • She will also work for other methods such as:

    • Pinching

    • Lonely fan

    • Fan and Grab

For visuals of various methods of fan making please view my Tweezers Highlight on


  • Brushed satin metal finish

  • Soft tension with two levels of grip

    • she is very sensitive to micro movements - lots of control over fan making
    • she needs a little breaking in but once you get to know her you’ll be in love!

  • Perfect Grip at Level 2 Grip

  • Space at Level 1 Grip

  • Hand tested and Sweet Spot marked by Lash Bae

* Be sure to take care of your adhesive and environment to ensure your adhesive behaves as it should. Please remember that a fast drying adhesive is recommended for Mega Volume. Glue should be replaced every 28 days, protected from heat, stored in a dark, cool, dry place, shaken well for 2-3 minutes before your work day, your environment should be controlled and humidity and temperature levels measured with a hygrometer, adhesive should be a good match with your humidity and temperature levels, humidifiers or dehumidifiers may be needed to achieve correct humidity for your adhesive. Glue that is spoiled or matched with an incompatible environment will behave different, close your fans, wick up your fans and not allow your tweezer to manipulate the lashes after dipping.

Please note that these tweezers are meant to be disinfected by soaking in solutions such as Barbicide, Pre Empt, Cavicide etc. They may not withstand extreme heat as found in sterilizing equipment. Please check your State or country requirements for cleaning lash tools. In Canada we are required to wash debris off with soap and water and then soak in disinfecting solution for the required time as noted on the bottle. Then we rinse and dry.





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