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Practice Mannequin Head
Practice Mannequin Head
Practice Mannequin Head

Practice Mannequin Head

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Use a practice mannequin head to sharpen your skills!

Work on your skills in a low stress, low risk environment so that the movements become second nature. Relax and let your talent shine through without the time constraints and social factors that may distract you from improving your craft. 

Benefits of using a mannequin head: 

- practice hand placement

- work on navigating around the nose when working on your non dominant side (for example, the left eye is usually harder for the right handed person)

- a steady, ergonomic prop that keeps your work area realistic

- perfect prop to make your custom lash strips on for your clients

Recommended Use:

Set the mannequin head on a flat surface with the top of the head closest to you. Apply strip lashes with strip lash glue so that it is removable. Lash the lashes as you normally would.