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Premade Volume and Mega Volume Fans
Premade Volume and Mega Volume Fans

Premade Volume and Mega Volume Fans

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Pre-made fans have changed a lot over the years!

These fans are handmade little angels who can save the day when you're:

  • short on time
  • having an off day
  • new to fan making and need to keep your time down

Handmaking fans on the spot is perfect for customizing each fan to the lash at hand but there are times when you need a little help. Now that premade fans do not add any extra weight with additional adhesive, there's no shame in relying on some pre mades to get you through! 

When I was new at volume lashing I would take 5 hours to complete a set. The first 2 hours were okay but 2.5 hours in my back was breaking and so was my client's! It would have been nice to be able to mix in some fans that were ready to go so that my client could walk out of there with fluffy volume lashes throughout! Not just the easy middle eye. Mix your handmade fans with premades to keep your clients (and your back) comfortable. 

Other times they are helpful include when you are short on time due to booking errors, client tardiness, personal emergencies and so on.


  • heat bonded
  • 120 fans per tray
  • Volume trays contain 120 fans and 480 lashes
  • Mega Volume trays contain 120 fans and 1,200 lashes 
  • comes in: Volume Fans 4D 0.07mm diameter and Mega Volume 10D 0.05mm diameter
  • Single length trays in 7mm-15mm
  • Mixed trays in 9-14mm 
  • approximate fan weight is equal to one Classic lash